My latest animation reel

Hello there! I'm Roger Feron, avid movie watcher and keen 3D animator. Welcome to my website!

Originally from Christchurch (cold in winter, windy in summer), I now live in Auckland (rainy and sunny at the same time) in beautiful New Zealand. I work here as an Animation Tutor at Media Design School. I've been tutoring since 2006 and it has been a wonderful learning experience! Outside of teaching I do a bit of freelance work when I can.

Before I started tutoring, I spent 4 years creating animation for television commercials. I was lucky enough to do a number of 'character' based commercials which led me to become a character rigger and animator. You can check out those TVCs on my Gallery page.

In February 2008 I started a CG forum for New Zealand artists called NZCGI. There are some really talented people showcasing their work there and I'm super thrilled at how much NZCGI has grown!

I enjoy using Autodesk Maya for animating my characters and Adobe Premiere for cutting together my animations.

Feel free to email me about anything 3D or non-3D!

Some of my favourite movies...

Some more of my 3D art...

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